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Essential 2D Lit Shaders
6 2D shaders created with Shader Graph - high-quality shaders to bring your game to the next level.
Customize them to fit your needs, control them from your own scripts, or expand them with your own custom effects.
Dual Emission Shader
A reconstructed URP Standard Lit shader that supports dual emission, allowing you to have two different emission maps with two different emission colors and intensities.
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Fullscreen Pulse Shader
A fullscreen pulse-wave effect with customizable center point, speed, color, and wave edge thickness.
Directional Dissolve Shader
A surface dissolve effect shader that moves in a predefined direction instead of simultaneously dissolving everywhere on the surface.
Link to Directional Dissolve Shader page
Link to Vertex Displacement Shader page
Vertex Displacement Shader
A lit vertex-manipulation shader that creates irregular vibrations and distortions on the object's surface.
Image Highlight Shader
A shader that allows you to highlight text images by gradually moving an emissive wave along their surface.
Link to Image Highlight Shader page
Link to Lava Shader page
Lava Shader
A lit lava shader with customizable emission, movement speed and distortion. The shader uses a texture, allowing you to customize the effect for any liquid.
Reconstructed URP Lit Shader
Easily create your own shaders, and keep the shader options you love: a reconstructed URP Lit shader for Shader Graph.
Link to Reconstructed URP Lit Shader page
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